There are many different types of Orthotics available, both prefabricated or custom made. This information is to give the patient a basic outline and understanding of the services offered.

What is Orthotics

Orthotics is a scientific medical field involved in the design, fabrication, fitting and supervised use of devices that provide external support or assist weak or abnormal joints and/or muscle groups. Musculoskeletal disorders, joint weakness, back problems, or the inability of any joint or muscle group to function correctly can greatly decrease an individual’s quality of life and mobility. These problems can be caused by:

  • Congenital factors
  • Traumatic injury
  • Chronic conditions
  • Sports injuries
  • Degenerative disease


Foot Orthotics

Foot Orthotics are custom molded shoe inserts that balance the foot in a neutral position, support the arches and realign the foot to achieve ideal pronation . A wide range of foot orthotics are made for different foot problems.

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Post Operative Orthotics

Post operative orthotics are supportive braces that is fitted after an operation to provide sufficient support to the operated area. Post operative orthotics can range from as little as a toe splint to custom made spinal support.

Sports Orthotics

Sport orthotics are used after sport injuries to provide sufficient support to an injured joint, ligament or muscle. Sport orthotics can also be used to prevent any further injury while doing sport activities.

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Custom Made Orthotics

Custom made orthotics are designed and manufactured to fit a specific patient and provide a certain function where an off the shelf orthotic is not sufficient.

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